4 ways to pay off college loans quickly

College tuition fees are increasing every year. Many students are unable to pay this fee and have to rely on student loans. This loan is a huge burden for the student. Most students wait till they get a job to start paying off their loans. But you can start paying it off before you graduate. These are some ways to pay off your college loans fast.

Pay the principal early

When you start making pre-payments while in college, you should ensure that they go to the principal amount first, instead of the interest. Though it might happen automatically, it’s better to call a loan servicer and make sure about it.

Know the loans you should make the prepayments on

You can make prepayments on federal student loans. But if you have private loans, you might have to pay a fee to make the payments early. You should confirm what kind of loan you have before making the prepayments. There are two kinds of federal student loans. The subsidized loans don’t accrue interest when you are in school, but the unsubsidized loan accrues interest right after you borrow the money. You should pay the unsubsidized loan while in college so that less interest is accrued.

Cut off your living expenses

When you get a job, don’t waste your income on unnecessary things. You should spend money wisely and pay off your student loan first. For example, you can move back with your parents instead of renting a separate house or apartment and give away that money for your loan payments.


There are many banks and other lenders who can refinance your student loans. If you are eligible, your new interest rate might be lower than your previous one.

These tips can help you pay off your college loans faster. So, you can enjoy a debt-free life from a young age. It is wise to start paying off the debt before you graduate.